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Flannel Friday: Mouse Paint

As a library programmer and p/t children’s entertainer, this looks like it would be great fun once created. Definitely something you could use to capture young attention spans anytime – check it out!

storytime katie

And yet again, another flannelboard from the Storytime Katie archives. I made this flannel version of “Mouse Paint” and posted about it in my Colors storytime, but I wanted to pull it out and highlight it for Flannel Friday.


In the original post, I wrote this “brief” note for anyone who wanted to make their own versions:

(As a brief note — I did not make the spiraled paint splots and I did not make the dancing mice. Instead, I asked the kids to dance for the mice and we twirled our fingers in the air and I just overlapped the new color over the old. And, I did not make the paintbrushes and instead just used a real paintbrush before putting the color splots on the white piece of felt. I am all for creative flannel pieces, but I am also a big believer in the less pieces…

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