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Looks like I’m building a patio… (thaaat’s right!)


Last year my wife and I dug through a pile of discarded bricks. No, this isn’t something we do regularly for fun. We did it because we wanted to make a patio.

We live in close proximity to Medalta Potteries, a nice place full of nice people hocking very expensive clay products (you’d think they worked for Apple). My wife noticed they had a pile of bricks in the back (like a brick compost heap), so she gave ’em a call and five minutes later I’m loading up the trunk with bricks nobody wanted.

The good think is we were able to snag over 200 beauties for free. The bad news is that 200 bricks aren’t enough to cover a 16′ x 16′ patio space. We made the tough decision then and there to begin taking anything that looked rectangular and brick-ish from the pile the next go ’round.

We found red bricks, orange bricks, broken bricks, bricks with spiders, bricks with graffiti… anything that wouldn’t make the grade on your average patio was fair game to us. When we wound up with a half finished patio and no bricks left, we shelved the idea for the winter.

Fast track to today. It’s Wednesday, the baby comes on Monday, and what do you think my wife wants to do? Thaaat’s right – she says “let’s spend $500 on patio pavers and finish the bleepin’ patio!” (at least, I think that’s what she said… real men don’t usually attention when their wife’s telling them to do work – sorry)

So, my darling and I have decided to go with some 24″ x 30″ blocks. They’re big, so we won’t need as many of them to complete the patio. They’re cheaper because that’s just the way the store (thank you in advance, Home Depot) is selling them. They’re heavy, because it’s a lot of concrete.

Once again I’m dreaming of happy days. I see our wonderful baby, a lovely boy / girl who’s wearing wonderful blue / pink baby clothes. I’m smiling at my wife, she’s smiling back at me, the children’s are laughing maniacally with stupendously large smiles on their faces. A gentle breeze is blowing our mosquito netting into the neighbor’s yard and passing along the scent of cannabis from our rig pig neighbors across the street.

Yes indeed, this is the Canadian life.

photo credit: Gregs Landscaping via photopin cc