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Quick Thoughts

You know, I keep reading that a successful blog needs to keep it short, sweet and relevant, not really focusing on personal stuff — just on what matters to others. When my leave is up, the plan is still to condense everything I’ve written into something useful for other papa’s considering parental leave.

Might not be the best thing to be personal, but I believe it’ll be useful when everything’s said & done.


First day of parental leave, pt. 4


No, this isn’t me at home. Our house isn’t big enough for anyone to have their own space (unless they try to lock the bathroom door which doesn’t lock).

Prior to today there were things I could only witness and experience on my days off. Now, thanks to the advent of parental leave, I can be here to experience all of them.

Last night, after returning from the hospital with my mother-i.l. and sister-i.l. (for more info, read here and here) I was wide awake, so I stayed up and played some games until I started yawning. That’s pretty similar to the way things would’ve been on a work day. Today, however, my newborn daughter was crying, so I was able to hold her and soothe her to a sleep-like state (that she promptly woke from the minute she heard her mother’s voice).

This morning I got up at 9:45 and went to work on my online employment insurance application (for information on that, read here). I grabbed some leftovers for breakfast while my middle daughter watched Wall-E and ate crackers on the couch, my wife busy sleeping alongside our newborn.

At present, I’m typing this blog on WordPress, the post that I’ll put on my personal site and Facebook in mere moments. My oldest daughter is at school until this afternoon, and my middle daughter is watching Ratatouille with Grandma and Auntie. Even though it may not seem like much, it’s certainly nice to be here for it.

This afternoon I plan to crush some more bricks for our patio (read here) if the weather stays nice, and this evening I’ll be taking part in a webinar sponsored by DiscMakers. Today has all the makings of a great day – time with family, time for recreation and time for individual pursuits. I’m so glad that I’m able to take advantage of this opportunity.

photo credit: slworking2 via photopin cc

The Effects of Bullying in Canada : Rentaeh Parsons

I beg your pardon… I want to talk about Rentaeh Parsons for a moment.


When your daughter tells you she’s been raped, that’s no laughing matter. A non-parent might think, “The girl may or may not be telling the truth”, but a loving parent — a caring parent actively involved and invested in his/her daughter — chooses to believe.

Rentaeh Parsons was 17 when she died last week (April 7th). Rentaeh was “allegedly raped” (according to police) when she was 15 and was frequently cyber-bullied since then. The media has reported that she killed herself.

Her father, Glen Canning, wrote a post on Wednesday that’s appearing in many news outlets today. It’s moving, and, as a father of two, maybe three daughters, it’s at my front door.

I cheered when Anonymous let the world know that they’d uncovered the “alleged” rapists in under two hours. Rentaeh’s mom asked the would-be vigilantes to stand down and Anonymous consented not to release any names.

I cheered when I read that Prime Minister Harper is doing something about Rentaeh that will hopefully set the standard for all similar instances in the future.

Sherri B. from Halifax, NS, has created an online petition called ” Justice for Rehtaeh: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation…”  which is addressed to NS Justice Minister Ross Landry. Please consider signing it.

Fathers – believe your daughters. Cherish them as long as you live.