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The Bus Not Taken


The Bus Not Taken


One child emerged in a foul mood

And sorry I could not influence this

And be one father, long I stood

And begged her to dress as best I could

While she stuck out her tongue and hissed


Then took the breakfast and set it where

Her sister could reach and eat her fill

Because it was hot and served with flair

Though as for the tiny piece of hair

I could not think to pluck that still


And both that morning equally lay

In beds unmade and hair unkempt

So I said, “Get dressed or else, okay?”

Yet knowing these threats do little to sway

I doubted a jury would exempt contempt


I find myself regaling this with a sigh

Somewhere moments and moments hence:

One child foully emerged, and I–

I tried to get her ready in time

But – let’s face it – she still missed her school bus


photo credit: Jack_Snell via photopin cc

Apologies to Robert Frost