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Heading back home

Marilyn Monroe Boarding PlaneWell, my in-laws are gone for now. I’m sure that they had a good time, but I didn’t get my hug. Makes a man wonder what awful thing he’s done when he doesn’t get his hug.

Looking back, it was a great visit. They were in town before we went to the hospital, looked after our other children while we were in the hospital, purchased some household goods, went out for supper, helped with things around the house (my responsibility soon)… they were very kind. I guess this is what you should do when you’ve got a new grandchild – take care of things for the new parents.

I helped them pack their bags in the van at quarter to six this morning, showed them the way home right up to the highway. They beeped, we waved, and that was that.

Bless you, mother- and sister-i.l. Have a safe trip back – hope to see you again this year.

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First day of parental leave, pt. 2

Thanks for your concern, everyone.

My mother-i.l. will be fine, the medical peeps at the hospital say. Apparently she strained her leg muscles driving down here to see us, so they’re giving her no small amount of discomfort.

I remember playing softball and straining my leg muscles. Sometimes we want to tell the other person to suck it up, but that slow maturing process seems to be catching up to me right now, telling me to give others more leeway, and, in this case, that’s my mother-i.l.

I’ve asked her to stay in bed or on the couch today so she can rest her legs. Worst case scenario – I’ll be driving her back up to Edmonton next week and taking the bus back.

Thanks again for the comments on FB, everyone.

Might as well get my own dress…





At this very moment, I’m surrounded by seven beautiful women (technically four women and three girls). One is on her way to school, one is crying to be fed, two are still in bed and the rest are in various stages of getting up.


I’m the only male in the entire house. I might be the only male still at home on the entire block. Might as well get my own dress.


I’ve read somewhere that we absorb hormones emitted by others. Whether or not that’s true is for the scientists to decide, but there’s a mighty large amount of estrogen in this household – no wonder my guy friends are grabbing me for short getaways and asking if I’m okay (no man asks another man if he’s okay).



It’s nice, though. I spent most of this morning (all 59 wonderful minutes of it) getting my oldest daughter breakfast and watching as she looked for the tooth she placed under her pillow, discovering instead a marshmallow and a loonie (if you’re not from Canada, a loonie is equivalent to $1). We just finished waving to one another as her bus took off. *sigh*


Last night my mother-in-law cooked curry with roti. Curry with roti – yums. I haven’t had to do a dish in over a week! How awesome is that! Can I get a high five or a hallelujah?


I’m also grateful that everyone’s in a good mood. We have a small house and there are very limited places to run to in case people aren’t “feeling pleasant”.

I can’t think of a creative closing sentence, so I hope you enjoy your day!








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Don’t argue over cooked soup

medium_262223658Today I left the hospital, picked up some bananas and milk for our girls, then rushed home to grab everyone and shuttle them off to the hospital. When I arrived home my mother-in-law told me she was carrying soup to the hospital to give to my wife.

Now, one of the nurses let me know that Mom had called this morning. One of the biggest no-no’s you can make with your family, at least your partner’s mother, is not to call and update her with activities at the hospital. You’ll want to call and let her know that the baby is well, the mother is well and everything’s going well at the hospital. In fact, and you won’t read me writing this much, I would think this is one time you should actually consider lying! No matter what’s really going on, unless things are looking grim, just tell Mom that everything’s okay, everything’s fine and that she doesn’t need to worry.

My mother-in-law had seven children and six of them are still alive and kicking today. She has lots of life experience with kids, but she doesn’t let us forget that, either. Many times she might say something because she wants to be helpful, but it just sounds like she’s telling everyone they don’t know how to raise a child / family properly!

When I walked in the door and one of the first things out of her mouth was “I’m carrying soup to the hospital for ‘X'”, I reacted very poorly. Men, you may’ve heard a popular saying, “happy wife, happy life”, yes? Well, the same applies to your mother-in-law!

I reacted poorly. I stood on my “hill” and tried to defend (very poorly) a line of reasoning that said her daughter needed to eat the hospital food, not home-cooked food. I lost that battle and had to apologize for my behavior. (“bad, Andrew! down! sit! baaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!)

She ended up carrying soup. I ended trying some of the leftovers and remembered just how much I miss her cooking. A man could happily gain 10 pounds in her kitchen over a weekend.

The moral is “don’t argue over cooked soup.” Just shut up and eat (especially if the person who made it knows how to cook)!

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