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First day of parental leave, pt. 3

medium_4643478367All right… I’ve taken a big step this morning and completed the online EI application for parental leave benefits. No easy feat, mind you. When they say it’ll take 60 minutes, they mean it.

Most of the information the application requested was pretty basic: who am I, where I’ve worked, SIN #, etc. What tripped me up was the self-employed bit.

See, EI wants to know about all the places you’ve worked. I can only speculate that they want to have a good idea of your annual income and/or know how many ROE’s they’ll need from employers, and as self-employed hobbyist, EI wants to know about that, too.

EI has changed a bit, from what I understand. Not only can you receive more assistance income, you can also work more while on leave. Used to be you could earn $50/week at no penalty. Well, those days have gone. Now you can earn up to 90% of your weekly insurable earnings (or something like that), but every time you earn $1 you’ll have $0.50 deducted from the total benefit you would’ve received.

I don’t know whether a sub-purpose of the application was to make the applicant feel like they’re going to get turned down, but my personal process definitely left me feeling concerned. Hopefully, things’ll work out for the best.

photo credit: jorge gonz@lez via photopin cc