Heading back home

Marilyn Monroe Boarding PlaneWell, my in-laws are gone for now. I’m sure that they had a good time, but I didn’t get my hug. Makes a man wonder what awful thing he’s done when he doesn’t get his hug.

Looking back, it was a great visit. They were in town before we went to the hospital, looked after our other children while we were in the hospital, purchased some household goods, went out for supper, helped with things around the house (my responsibility soon)… they were very kind. I guess this is what you should do when you’ve got a new grandchild – take care of things for the new parents.

I helped them pack their bags in the van at quarter to six this morning, showed them the way home right up to the highway. They beeped, we waved, and that was that.

Bless you, mother- and sister-i.l. Have a safe trip back – hope to see you again this year.

photo credit: Kemon01 via photopin cc


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  1. – glad your MiL felt well enough to drive home – no hug, though, eh? – hmmm… – you probably received an implied hug – you said they beeped? – yep … the ol’ implied hug for sure – no to fret ; )

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