I don’t want to…

My oldest daughter, 5, has decided that she doesn’t want things anymore.

I should be thrilled. “She doesn’t want things?” I should cry from the rooftops (with safe, functioning balconies), “listen everyone! I have a daughter who doesn’t want things!”

Included in the short list of things my daughter doesn’t want are: breakfast, lunch, dinner, to go to the bathroom and to go to bed. Aside from her “furious five”, she’s golden.

So I wonder, being a wondering man who certainly takes plenty of time making and deciding upon decisions, should I be supportive of my daughter and her pursuit of not wanting, nay, requiring basics like food, toilets and sleep, or should I choose to be that “overbearing” parent who thinks of these things as daily necessities and uphold their sacredness?

I humbly invite you to let me know what you think, bloggers. If not you, then whom?


4 responses

  1. your sire here and he says you should ask your mire (is that an actual descriptive term for your mum?) since she’s pretty close at hand – then again, your MiL’s nearby, too – as for my $0.02 worth: let the kid have her space – something tells me she’ll soon want what she’s not wanting right now – have fun, eh ! ; )

  2. I went through pretty much the same thing with my daughter when she was 5, except her list was much bigger. Her favorite line was “I don’t want to.” with me, her teacher, her dad, brother, everyone. It was a challenge, that is for sure. At first we jsut gave into her, until it became a problem at school. Then her options were she didn’t get to do anything else untill she did was she was suppose to. IT took awhile, but it worked. Every child is different though. Hang in there, it will pass in time.

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