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Always love me

Just a love note… A reminder of how sweet and gentle children really are.



Morning at the Park, Night Out with Kids


My middle daughter decided she would get up at 6 (maybe 6:30 – it was early) this morning. She demanded milk, then demanded it in a sippy cup (and wouldn’t stop crying until I made sure it was a real sippy cup).

After taking care of baby and watching for the passage of time, the older girls and I decided to head to the park. It was 8:30, and I figured that Mom & baby could sleep while we were out & about.

Turns out I have the loudest kid in the neighborhood. No surprise since she has the loudest dad at the library. Never mind that people are still sleeping – it’s appropriate to scream and yell as loud as you can so that everyone living in the immediate vicinity knows exactly how much fun you’re having.

We met some friends there, too. No parent or step-parent around… they were there, 8 and 4, all by themselves at the park. The 4-year-old kept asking me to pick her up so she could play on the monkey bars, but that had lawsuits written all over it, so I politely declined.

This evening I had a children’s entertainment gig. I knew my oldest wanted to come, and it was the type of event where she was able to come with me, but it threw me for a loop when my middle daughter threw on some clothes and shoes and headed for the van. Her cries of, “Daddy! Wait for me!” compelled me not to pull out from our parking spot before she reached her car seat.

Tonight went terrific. My girls had a good time, and other girls who were present enjoyed themselves as well. Lots of laughter, lots of mayhem.

Tomorrow is more of the same, but twice the fun. After that, it’s off to lunch with grandma before she heads back and we’re down to the 5 of us (for the first time since baby arrived). Ta for now, everyone. Enjoy your evening.
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Quick Thoughts

You know, I keep reading that a successful blog needs to keep it short, sweet and relevant, not really focusing on personal stuff — just on what matters to others. When my leave is up, the plan is still to condense everything I’ve written into something useful for other papa’s considering parental leave.

Might not be the best thing to be personal, but I believe it’ll be useful when everything’s said & done.

Doctor gives two thumbs up




Well, we’re back! Our doctor gave us two thumbs up and said that baby is perfectly normal / healthy.


If you’ve never been to a first check-up before, it’s a pre-booked appointment, so you just show up, give your name and info, then go right in. It’s not great if, say, there are two other sets of patients in the waiting lounge who’ve been waiting 20 minutes or so to see someone (not that this was the case for us today or anything).


Next, you’ll probably fill out an info sheet about you, mom, baby and your other kids (if you have them). This is usually given to Mom, but she handed it off to me for reasons still unknown.


Anyway, after the nurse who showed you to your room comes back, you strip baby down to his/her diaper so the nurse can measure baby’s length (head to toe), circumference/diameter of the head (?) and see how much baby weighs. Once that’s done (about 5 minutes if you’re quick), you wrap baby up in the blanket and wait for the doctor to come to your room.



Once the doctor comes to your room, he/she skims through the info sheet and verbally verifies that the information you’ve written down is correct. He/she may make his own notes in the scrawl that is famous for belonging to all doctors (because, when you’re busy saving lives or helping make sure people are healthy, writing isn’t all that important) and then will break out his/her stethoscope and place this on your baby’s chest (maybe back, too… I don’t recall whether ours did that or not).


The doctor also looked at baby’s tongue and checked baby’s eyes. After that, he answered our questions, gave us some sample products and gave us the news (baby’s doing just fine in our case).



Oh, yes… I almost forgot. Baby’s umbilical cord (the part that was attached to her, anyway) fell off a couple days ago. Our doctor told us to clean the area with one wet Q-tip and then apply some polysporin to the area with a 2nd Q-tip 4x/day. (disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so please don’t do this yourself. Consult your doctor or physican for best medical information.)



We’re back home now (obviously). Mom and baby are having a rest. I’ve got our lunch thawing out in the sink, the washer and dryer running and a small load of clothing waiting for me to fold it to death.

It’s only day 4, but I already feel like I’m beginning to get into the swing of things, largely due to comments & conversations from  / with others and my wife’s response (read: whole-hearted agreement) to said comments.











All right – laundry’s callin’ my name. Later, y’all!

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Trying to be a good daddy


Right. This is one of those posts where I pat myself on the back and tell myself I’m a good daddy (because men need that ALL the time).

So, in less than 15 minutes I’ve managed to: vacuum the kitchen carpet (yes, we have one of those), dress our middle child, get baby prepped and ready for her doctor’s appt (ie. in car seat, bottle and bag at the ready), put away the dishes, toasted a bagel for my mom (I thought it was for my wife, but turns out she had one already) and helped my wife put on some socks.

As I’ve recently been informed, these are the sorts of things a papa needs to do when he’s on parental leave, and, gosh darn it, I’m determined to be a good daddy @ home.

All right – doctor’s a-callin’. See you later!

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Adventures in eating, doctors and insurance – oh my!


4 times. 4 fingers. I can count on one hand the number of times our family has eaten out in the past 12 days. It’s safe to say that our family hasn’t eaten out this much in… well, ever!

Call me stingy (stingy!), call me thrifty (stingy!), but I believe that we should be saving our money for important things. Things like a new computer (you call that important?!) or hooking up the barbeque (now you’re just being selfish) or a fantastic treatment package from Merle Norman for my wife (oh, honey! I love you!)… probably not the last one, though (hey!).

In the past twelve days we’ve covered a gamut of eating experiences from Mickie D’s to a mongolian grill to fish & chips to thai & sushi. My wallet has never felt so light, my credit card so laden with debt.

This morning we’re going for the twelfth day check-up for our newborn. Fun and games, ladies and gents, fun and games. I’m looking forward to it so much I think I’ll take an extra chewable vitamin just for good measure.

I received word from our insurance agent yesterday that our new addition will be added to our existing coverage / policy / somethingorother on Tuesday… 15 days after being born. Does that strike anyone else as odd? I realize that I haven’t died yet and therefore can’t figure out how the whole insurance game works, but it seems to me that you’d want to have existing insurance coverage from day one. Oh, how wonderful it is to be me.

Well, it’s a good morning. Baby is eating, my wife is getting dressed, my middle child is teaching MarioKart who’s boss and my mother is blowdrying her hair 4 feet away from me. Call me old-fashioned (sting… sorry… old-fashioned!), but I’m just not used to having this many people in the house. Could it be a sign that we need a bigger place? (no, it’s just a sign that you need to upgrade the plug by the bathroom sink, Mr. S)

Well, here’s to your Friday, everyone. Enjoy!

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Totally unrelated, but worth posting

Hey all. Just watched a great shadow dance / theatre routine on YouTube by a group called Attraction (courtesy of Britain’s Got Talent) and was quite, quite amazed.

It’s choreography set to music that tells a love story in a time of war (much like our world at present) and may render you speechless. The link is:… enjoy!