Time to keep track of stuff


Part of the purpose behind this blog is to keep track of things that parents, especially fathers, would be interested in. Fathers, you need to know that there are good reasons to take parental leave and not enough of us do. My goal is to take the full parental leave and blog about the things I’ve learned.

Some of the things I’m going to be tracking include changing diapers, doing dishes, doing housework, and a variety and/or mash-up of different things that husbands don’t normally do. You will see from reading this blog the different things I have done and the number of times I’ve done them.

So, now it’s up to you, dear reader. What sort of things are you interested in your husbands knowing, wives? Should they be aware of how often they need to fold the laundry? Do your husbands even know how to do the laundry? Do your husbands help out with anything around house? This is one area I will be playing catch up in for sure.

What about you, manly men? Have you already taken parental leave? Are you an expert on all things children and/or taking care of your children?

I’ve been looking forward to this journey for quite some time, and, now that my daughter is here, I finally know that I can take it. From now until January 14, 2014, I will be keeping track of the different things I’ve done while I’m at home with three kids on parental leave. Thank you for reading – please let me know what you think.