The start of something beautiful


Today we welcomed a new family member into our lives. Today my five- and three-year-old daughters got to hold their new sister together. Today I remembered just how much I need my own space when relatives come to visit.

The day started at 5 a.m. – much too early for most of us. Of course, my wife wasn’t in bed when the alarm woke me up. Fortunately, she had the patience not to give birth to the baby before we reached the hospital.

We’re used to big city births, ones involving waiting rooms and growing facial hair before being transferred to your living quarters for the next three or so days. That wasn’t the case here in Medicine Hat.

When we arrived, the staff took us straight to our private room, a space large enough for two beds, but equipped with a single hospital bed, a rocking chair, three plastic guest chairs, a bathroom and a sink, cupboard, tv and a foldout bed / chair thing that I’m relaxing on right now.

Even though Medicine Hat has a college with a nursing program, it didn’t occur to me that their would be students doing rotations here. You’d think they’d go for someplace larger, someplace fancy, someplace with more movie theatres or a happenin’ music scene.

A couple of 3rd year med students from Cowtown (read: Calgary) were shooting the breeze with me while we were waiting for the action to happen. Turns out they have five or so more weeks to go and no idea of what to do while they’re in town (read: city).

The obstetricians and other hospital staff did a fine job, and our sweetheart arrived at 9 a.m. on the dot. After some face time with Mommy, Talea (our new arrival’s name) and I headed off for a routine inspection. They staff did everything except change the oil, but that’s fine. Better safe than sorry.

Later in the day I gave Talea her first bath. She’s a quiet one except when someone’s trying to drown her. Apparently that’s something she objects to.

My other daughters were going stir crazy in the confines of our private room, so Auntie and I took them on a trip to McDonald’s. it was terrific, except they wouldn’t eat anything, wouldn’t play in the Play Place and wanted to run off to the bathroom by themselves. My middle daughter decided it would be a good idea to play with a rotating chair. She let go of it while standing too close and wound up whacking herself right in the face with the back.

Anyway, I can hear Mom snoring away next to me. Talea’s sleeping quietly, and I’m looking forward to my first shut-eye in seventeen and a half hours (not that it’s ever a big deal on a work night). Good night, everyone. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Talea – what a beautiful name! I am detecting a distinct “T” theme here 🙂 I looked up the meanings of her name and saw that it means “dew from God. Honorable. Noble. Bright” I can hardly wait to meet her. Sleep well Plait family!

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