Why wear clothes at all?


My youngest daughter is very much like her father – she’s warm all the time. And, like her father, when she gets too warm, she has to cool down. One surefire way to do that is to remove articles of clothing until the desired temperature is reached.

Many nights she’ll go to bed with flannel pajama bottoms and a long-sleeved top and then, in the morning when she emerges from her sleep cocoon, she’s mysteriously lost all her clothing (save for her diaper). She’s not a nudist, per se, but she is a “warmist”.

I find it odd that this translates even when we take a drive in our van. We’ll load up the children — again, fully dressed… we’re not bad parents! — and then, by journey’s end, she’s misplaced her boots and socks somewhere in the narrow confines of our vehicle.

Well, at least in our part of the world the climate doesn’t seem to have been that affected. Sure, more and more friends of mine on Twitter are complaining about spring’s failure to launch this year, but that’s glass half-full news to me: it means, for the time being, my daughter will probably keep her clothes on.

photo credit: danishdynamite via photopin cc