Well, I guess the bathtub lost…


I never-ever-ever thought I’d be writing something like this… today my daughters held a pooping contest in our  one toilet house. The bathtub lost…

Usually we enforce a friendly toilet rotation. Example: if someone is on the toilet, they either finish their business or the waitee crosses their legs. I’m sure it’s similar for other families with small homes.

So anyway, our two wonderful daughters decided they both had to go to the bathroom… at the same time. My older one got shotgun’d the toilet while the younger one took off her pull-up and took a dump in the bathtub. (I thought about taking a photo to commemorate  the occasion, but our tub’s “christening”, but that’s just icky)

This leaves me thinking, “Now what?” Is this going to be the norm every time we serve corn-on-the-cob? Really – should I be investing in a Porta Potty? They make some pretty spiffy ones for camping…

After applying copious amounts of cleaning spray and sending several rags to rag heaven, I’m proud to say that I’ll be going to the YMCA each and every time I feel like taking a bath in the future.

photo credit: Kid Gibson via photopin cc


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