T-minus one week!


It’s official – just over seven days to go! Seven days and a new he/she enters the world. A new he/she to love, clothe and put through post-doctorate studies (if I’m lucky) or to live in our basement until his/her thirtieth birthday (if I’m not).

I don’t think we’ve packed a bag. Everyone tells you to pack a bag. The movies – they show people packing a bag. Why? Because if you forget the bag or have to go back inside your house to retrieve it, you will have the baby in the car. Bags are important – the are car-birth prevention tools.

Most people bring smart phones, camcorders or digital cameras to record the birth and first moments. I’m doing them one better – I’m bringing in a speed painter. It’s the new “Kodak moment”, so take that, you 15-megapixel showoffs!

Also, because my lovely wife won’t be able to eat solid foods for a few days, I’ve invited the good folks over at Will It Blend? to help me bring her a smooth dining experience during our stay (they seem, however, to be more interested in dismantling the hospital bed frame and putting that through their blending test).

Cheers and enjoy your Monday, everyone.

photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via photopin cc


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  2. Living in your parents basement until your 30 is all the rage now!! After dropping out of highschool and losing your job at KFC of course. And since Marlow currently aspires to be a “sandwich maker” I find myself secretley devising plans to make sure she is out of the house by 19 unless she goes to sandwich making school lol

    • 🙂 Marlow smiles so nice, she’d be a great sandwich maker (as long as she watched what she was doing).

      If she went to McDonald’s, she could go to Hamburger University!

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