Family + TV = Quality Time


I’m married to a Catholic. Theoretically that means I’ve got a permanent “get-out-of-divorce-argument-free” card (ha! I wish!), but every now and then I get a firm reminder that the “husband-of-the-year” or “most loved man” award might be going in the trash post haste.

One of the first things I noticed when we were courting was that every media device her family owned would be turned on when we came to visit. This array of devices included: a big screen tv in the living room, a small stereo in the kitchen, a tv / stereo system in the basement and (sometimes) music routed to two loudspeakers on the deck.

Now, when I say they were turned on, I don’t mean quietly minding their own business somewhere off in the background… I mean that those suckers were cranked between half-to-full volume capacity.

Despite all the noise being made by these different home appliances, conversation is still a frequent occurrence at my in-laws. The sisters hang out in the kitchen prepping supper and telling stories, cracking jokes and cackling up a storm. The men are either watching sports on tv, playing with the kids on the grass or working magic by the barbecue. The kids are usually playing in the backyard, so long as the weather’s nice and their parents have hidden the video games.

Sadly, we’ve moved about six hours away from the nearest family member, so social visits are few and far between. So, what have we replaced quality family time with? Yep – watching movies or Netflix. Tv is the new quality family time.

photo credit: x-ray delta one via photopin cc