I Dream Of The Rug Doctor


Yes, every night in my dreams I think about the rug doctor and how much cleaner the house would look after using one.

I think about how much fun it is to clean my house and to spend precious time… sweet, precious time… doing something I love, like pouring hot, fragrant water all over the floor.

I think about that waste water container (yes, the white one) and how dirty and grey it looks after I’ve finished sucking the dirt and debris out of the floor. How much joy and pleasure it gives me to remove it and watch it disappear into the bowels of the toilet. How I love cleaning the toilet after I’ve cleaned the carpet.

I don’t think about the latest sports game on tv, rowdy nights with friends watching MMA or the Winnipeg Jets… no, sir. I dream and fantasize only about cleaning carpets, because when my wife is happy, I’m usually still alive and in one piece.

photo credit: Dan_H via photopin cc